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Josh’s Switchback T-Shirt

By October 6, 2017No Comments

Sometimes a simple thing like a t-shirt can mean so much…

When some Switchback staff recently popped into the Spitalfields lunch spot Kastner & Ovens for some tasty salads, they said hello to former Trainee Josh, who completed his training with Switchback in May this year.

Josh was wearing his Switchback t-shirt and his Mentor Kat was intrigued to find out why.

Josh had worked in the staff mess in prison, and we were blown away when his culinary skills impressed Kastner & Ovens so much, that they gave him a permanent job only three weeks after release! Josh has now worked at Kastner & Ovens for five months – including some weekend work at events with the K&O team. As if that wasn’t enough, Josh had also been taking some evening catering classes to sharpen those skills, and enable his ambition to be a Head Chef.

So why was he wearing his Switchback t-shirt?

Josh told us that he’d received a letter from the manager of the prison staff mess. The manager had written to tell Josh to say he was so pleased to hear that Josh had been doing really well since release, and wanted to say well done for everything he had achieved so far.

So Josh had worn his t-shirt that day with pride – a reminder and a celebration of how far he’d come!

When trainees complete their time with Switchback, they receive a t-shirt, along with some other reminders of their Switchback journey.

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