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Switchback makes new additions to its Board

By December 3, 2020No Comments

We’re delighted to announce four brilliant new appointments to Switchback’s Board: three new Trustees, and a brand new role of Switchback Board Adviser.

Burphy Zumu, Kalm Paul-Christian, Dawn Reid will become Trustees while Eshan Price becomes Switchback’s first Board Adviser. All bring a fantastic mix of skills, insight and experience to the charity that will be vital to helping us reach our big ambitions for the future. We’re thrilled to welcome them.

The Switchback Board Adviser role, taken on by Eshan, is a pioneering new 12-month rolling position open to members of our Experts by Experience (EBE) board of former Switchback Trainees. Developed in collaboration with EBE members, who highlighted lack of awareness and exposure as a major barrier to becoming Trustees, this position will bring additional lived experience to the work of Switchback’s Board while enabling young prison-leavers to gain exposure, skills and experience of being on a Trustee Board. Our hope is that Switchback Board Advisers will become Trustees with Switchback and other organisations in the future, leading to more diverse and effective board governance at Switchback and beyond.

Here’s some more about our new Trustees, and our new Switchback Board Adviser, including what they had to say about joining Switchback:

Burphy Zumu – Trustee

Burphy Zumu joins Switchback’s Board of Trustees as one of the youngest members but he has a wealth of experience of working with young men like Switchback’s Trainees. In his role as Research Manager and Director of ClearView Research (CVR), Burphy has worked on projects to include the voices of underrepresented groups in high-level decision-making. Outside of CVR he is part of a project called My Brother’s Keeper which mentors men that are serving long or life sentences to inspire hope and change.
“I am honoured to become a Trustee at Switchback because I truly feel Switchback honestly believes in helping their Trainees. I want to bring my experience and the perspectives of the different kinds of men that are served by Switchback to the strategic level to help Switchback continue to shift the narrative with their work. I am excited to join at such a time where Switchback looks to advocate for more systemic change to really help young men to live rich lives after prison.”

Dawn Reid – Trustee

Dawn Reid joins Switchback’s Board of Trustees after a successful career in social care and subsequently as a Director at The Hyde Group, an award-winning housing provider. As well as sitting on other boards, Dawn is also an experienced Coach and Mentor. Dawn’s passion for criminal justice started when she was a residential social worker. Part of her role involved advocating for young people and acting as an Appropriate Adult, where she enjoyed the efficacy she could deliver.

“I was drawn to Switchback for several reasons. Firstly, the charity’s values resonate, which is extremely important for me. Additionally, the team at Switchback deliver some exceptional outcomes: the programme is extremely well thought-through, providing a constant experience and relationships built on trust and respect. I want to help continue Switchback’s impressive track record by strategically planning for the future, using my knowledge and experience to grow the organisation.”

Eshan Price – Board Adviser

Eshan becomes Switchback’s first Board Adviser, bringing first-hand experience of the prison system and what it’s like to be a Switchback Trainee. Eshan now works operating a street food market in south-central London. Eshan has been an Expert by Experience member since the birth of the group, feeding into the work of the charity, and has also been working as Switchback’s first Policy Intern this year.

“Switchback has an exceedingly special place in my heart. They helped me change and many more people in a similar position to me. My intentions as Board Adviser are to deliver a down-to-earth and realistic glance on the Board’s decisions that affect the charity, Switchback Mentors and new Trainees”

Kalm Paul-Christian – Trustee

Kalm Paul-Christian is an investment banker at NatWest Markets, advising financial institutions on strategic decisions for sustainability and growth. Kalm started off his career at Rothschild and Co before moving to the Social Investment Consultancy where he supported charities on developing their impact measurement, diversifying revenue streams, increasing their influence on public policy and securing social investment. Kalm is also Trustee of national anti-poverty charity Turn2Us.

“I wanted to become a Switchback Trustee because I really identified with the intersectional approach of the 10 Pathways model, and how Switchback put people’s lived experience at the heart of their intervention. I am looking forward to helping grow their corporate partnerships and contributing to the diversification of employment opportunities for Switchback Trainees.”

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