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Sweet Thursday

By January 27, 2014January 13th, 2015No Comments

Sweet Thursday brings together the winning combination of a pizza restaurant and wine shop in a relaxed spot in De Beauvior, Hackney. We are really pleased that the team there have just started to work alongside Switchback, facilitating employer visits as well as taking on a Trainee as an employee.

One of our Trainees, Shukhur, along with his Switchback Mentor Adham, went along to meet the guys at Sweet Thursday for an informal chat and to see how things work in the restaurant. By the end of the meeting he’d been offered a job trial. On completing his trial, Sweet Thursday then offered Shukur two shifts a week as a Kitchen Assistant alongside an apprenticeship role in learning how to make pizzas. He will be training there over the next couple of months, with the aim to be fully up to speed by spring time. Shukur is really hoping this will progress to a full time role.

We are so delighted to be working with another brilliant restaurant that believes in Switchback and our Trainees. Shukur had only been released from prison seven weeks before but had excelled in the Skylight Cafe. He’d been famous in the Crisis Skylight Cafe for making a range of cakes and he headed up ‘Trainee take-over day’, with his mutton madras. Shukur’s enthusiasm is really what has driven him through Switchback so quickly and enabled him to start this fantatic new opportunity at Sweet Thursday. We’re really happy for him and thrilled to be working alongside such a great new restaurant.

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