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We’re thrilled to announce a huge Switchback milestone as we celebrate our 500th Trainee engaged in the Switchback Programme.

When a Trainee engages with the Switchback Programme it marks a significant moment, meaning they make an extraordinary commitment to live life differently after prison, embarking on a demanding programme of training, mentoring and new experiences in the community.

For a Trainee to become an ‘engager’ it means that they’ve completed their 2nd Action Plan (a weekly plan with appointments and priorities completed with their Mentor) and either visited a Switchback training partner like Dusty Knuckle or completed an attitude & behaviour or employment outcome.

It’s a huge commitment and shows the dedication and motivation of a Trainee to build a stable life where they can thrive.

“It felt great to have someone supporting me. It really kept me going through everything. There were so many times I wanted to give up and because of Switchback I didn’t. And now look where I am.” Suraj, Switchback Trainee

Over 60% of engaged Trainees complete the programme and meet our benchmark of Real Lasting Change, while over 50% have moved into-long term work and 82% move from unstable to stable in at least two areas of their life based on the Switchback Pathways.

By 2025, to meet rising need we plan to reach 140 engagers per year, and a further 800 with up to three months pre-release work. Here’s to the next milestone!

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