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Switchback’s Experts by Experience have four ‘asks’ for the next Mayor of London

By April 25, 2024No Comments

Switchback’s most important value is keeping Trainees at the heart of everything we do, so our Experts by Experience Board (EBE) were the leading component in our ‘Mayoral election campaign’ work, shaping and designing everything from our manifesto wording to the accompanying video direction and development.

The decision to launch the Switchback Experts by Experience ‘Manifesto’ came about organically. As an EBE Board the discussion and activity was born from wanting to be more engaged in local politics and an eagerness to learn about the political infrastructure and processes that impact our neighborhoods and communities. These learnings are important if we want to work with them and change the system.

The EBE Board first met to learn about ‘manifestos’, inspiration was sought from everywhere including inspiring favourites such as the ‘I have a dream’ speech from Martin Luther King, the declaration of human rights and even punk heroine, Vivienne Westwood. We talked about writing influentially in a way that conveyed what we wanted, and that engaged and inspired wider audiences to take meaningful action. The discussion then centred around what members of the EBE Board wanted for London.

We encouraged people to think as big and brave as they could and to research and take inspiration from other cities or countries around the world, to consider other manifestos and organisations, to see what faith leaders wanted and also to consider what might impact the street people lived on.

Importantly it was great to have a broader discussion on the role voices of lived experience played in the future of cities and what it means to not just be viewed as prison leavers, but Londoners too. Every board member has valuable life experience in London that is credible and has earned the right to be taken seriously. It was exciting and important to hear the solutions and ideas the board came up with.

Download and read the full Experts By Experience Manifesto here



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