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Switchback LifeHacks Financial Literacy Booklet

By June 18, 2024No Comments

Switchback partners with the Financial Conduct Authority to create ‘Switchback LifeHacks’ Financial Literacy Booklet

As part of our relational 1-2-1 mentorship offering, financial accessibility, literacy and autonomy are big themes of our programme supporting Real Lasting Change. This booklet will be used as a tool by our Mentors to encourage conversations and knowledge on personal finances within their sessions.

This financial literacy booklet has been produced by graduates and apprentices as part of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) CEO Challenge. It is a mandatory part of their Graduate and Apprentice Development Programme and Switchback has been a proud beneficiary of it two years in a row. The FCA sponsors the challenge to encourage colleagues to come up with innovative ideas to help members of the wider community and we are grateful they reached out to support Switchback.

We would like to thank the FCA for using their resources to support our work.

Switchback LifeHacks Financial Literacy Booklet



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