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Time & Again – a groundbreaking new podcast by Switchback

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Time & Again lifts the lid on the hidden world of youth crime, doing time, and going straight.

  • “Engrossing, heartfelt and rich in detail” – Great British Podcasts.
  • “Really intimate podcasting.. putting you in the shoes of these people and making them the centre of the story. It’s incredible” –  BBC 4 Extra Podcast Radio Hour
  • “Powerful and poignant” – Made In Shoreditch
  • No.1 on Apple Podcasts’ New and Noteworthy
  • No.1 Editor’s Pick, Deezer
  • Radio Times ‘Show of the Week’
  • Featured on BBC London, The Voice, Made In Shoreditch and more

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Produced by award-winning prison rehabilitation charity Switchback and independent radio production company Beautiful Strangers, Time & Again provides a fresh and searingly honest glimpse into the thoughts and experiences of six young men who have recently been to prison and built a new life away from crime with Switchback’s support.

How does it feel to come of age in some of the UK’s most disadvantaged neighbourhoods? What really drives inner city crime? What’s it like being sent to jail at a young age and released with nothing? We hear a lot about these issues but we hardly ever hear from the people with the best insight of all: young prison leavers themselves. Time & Again flips the script.

Since it launched in March 2022, Time & Again has been heard by thousands of listeners and attracted wide media acclaim, as well as the attention of large podcasting platforms including Apple and Deezer.

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Others have said…

“This is really intimate podcasting… putting you in the shoes of these people and making them the centre of the story. It’s incredible.” – BBC Radio 4

No. 1 New and Noteworthy – Apple Podcasts

“Data shows that black people are nearly one and a half times more likely to be jailed than white people convicted of the same crimes. London rehabilitation charity Switchback has now produced a podcast ‘Time and Again’ to show how six young Londoners have found a way out of the justice system and made a positive fresh start.” – BBC Radio London

“Candid, personal, heartfelt and rich in detail.”Great British Podcasts

Show of the Week – Radio Times

“In and out of prison? Time & Again tells the story” – The Voice

No 1 editors’ pick – Deezer

“Powerful and poignant”Made in Shoreditch

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