Switchback Trainee takes Dehesa by storm!

By July 28, 2016No Comments

Switchback’s Hayley & Alice went to visit partner restaurant Dehesa in Soho for lunch. Switchback Trainee Kiefer, who got himself a full-time job in the kitchen took the opportunity to catch up with them. This is what he said…..

“I’ve been working here three weeks. I have a plan. I’m going to keep working here until I can become a commis chef. Switchback taught me how to plan my life. Before, I was on JSA – I’d have a little Google about for jobs but I wasn’t ‘really’ looking… When I came on Switchback, doing my shifts in the café, I started taking looking for work seriously then suddenly I got two job offers in a week!

I was only supposed to be doing work experience at Dehesa but Gianni offered me the job! Gianni wants to get me in charge of making the staff lunches soon, I’ll get the chance to plan what I make everyone. My dad’s a chef at a school, he’s proud of me & that I’m learning”.

Alice: “Thank you for coming to talk to us, although I bet it’s quite nice to get a 5 minute break!”

Kieifer: “I’ve had a break for 15 months, I don’t need any more breaks, I need to get back to work!”

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