Ash pedals Taiwan for Switchback

By July 27, 2017September 8th, 2017No Comments

From 22nd October to 4th November this year, Ash Hamilton is taking part in Pedal Taiwan to raise money for Switchback!

Ash will start the WHOPPING 787km tour in the capital, Taipei and head east into the volcanic national parks, finding natural hotsprings, waterfalls and small mountain communities along the way. He will then hit the coast, where the East China Sea meets the Pacific, and from here hug the rugged coastline until he begins one of South East Asia’s most beautiful and challenging climbs, high into Taiwan’s central mountains.

But what goes up must come down…

So after reaching the peak, he’ll be gliding over 60km down through the iconic Taroko Gorge, before hitting the culinary capital of Taiwan – Hualien for a well deserved rest. Back on the bike, he’ll then meander through miles of ancient paddy fields and cosy farming villages, before rejoining the undulating coastal road and following it all the way to Taiwan’s southernmost tip, Kenting. A surfing hot spot, where he can grab a board or simply chill on the beach before taking the High Speed Rail, with a top speed of 300km/h, back to Taipei.

You can support Ash’s EPIC and long challenge HERE! Many thanks to all of our supporters and the BEST of LUCK to Ash!

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