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By August 9, 2013January 13th, 2015No Comments

Switchback has developed an exciting new relationship with J+A Cafe ( based in Clerkenwell.

Our new Trustee Andrew was eating there and he had a chat about Switchback’s work with owners Johanna and Aoife.

Trainees Matthew and Shobbir had been working hard in the Crisis Skylight Cafe for weeks and when they were offered job trials at J+A Cafe they put in a huge amount of effort. Full credit to them for applying the learning they’d done at Switchback about making the most of a situation.

“It’s been great so far,” Shobbir said, “everyone’s really friendly and i’ve stoped going to the Job Centre too.”

“I’m in the serving kitchen at lunchtime. It’s small, hot, sweaty and busy,” Matthew told his Switchback Mentor, “but I can handle it. It’s a good thing.”

Both the Trainees now have permanent jobs in the kitchens there and Shobbir has already had his hours increased! The feedback on their hard work has been outstanding so far and J+A have taken a real shine to their new recruits.

We’re excited to have another employer on board who’s so open to Switchback. We’re really looking forward to taking newly released Trainees to visit not one but TWO of our graduates there to find out where their presistence and cmmitment has led them.

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