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Switchback vs Mountain

By May 3, 2017No Comments

Switchback rises to the challenge….

On Saturday 13th May, a team of nine Switchback staff, ex-trainees, trustees and fabulous friends are taking up the ‘Nine Hour Challenge’, a gruelling nine hour bike and hike through the trails and mountains of the Brecon Beacons in Wales, including Pen y Fan, the highest mountain in Southern Britain. Our intrepid team of Switchback adventurers, together with the other Nine Hour Challengers (supporting other charities), are aiming, collectively, to cover a distance equivalent to London to Moscow and a climb equal to 10 times the height of Everest!

This is the first sponsored physical challenge we’ve ever done at Switchback, and we are determined to make a mighty big success of it! Ever wondered why Switchback is called Switchback?

Or challengers biking up the mountain will be the first to find out. If they point their bike directly uphill towards a peak, put their feet on the pedals and PUSH… the likelihood is that they’ll grind to a halt, possibly falling off their bike and tumbling further down the hill. If, however, they take the longer path of switchbacks, zig-zagging up the hill, then slowly – but surely – they’ll progress and successfully reach the peak. This is the Switchback way. And this is how Switchback Mentors encourage their Trainees to tackle the many challenges they face day-to-day. It takes guts. It takes determination, mental strength, persistence and patience. Our adventurers will need these virtues in abundance! They’ll also need some support.  Knowing that they are raising vital funds for Switchback by taking up this challenge will really spur them on when the going gets tough.

You can support our brilliant team HERE! Many thanks to all of our supporters and the BEST of LUCK to our intrepid team of adventurers:

Edward Mackaness – Switchback Trustee, Hayley Topley – Switchback Fundraising & Communications Coordinator, Ian Danton – Fabulous friend of Switchback, Katharine Danton – Switchback Trustee,  Leah Selinger – Switchback Interim CEO, Michelle Selinger – Fabulous friend of Switchback, Mo Munim – Fabulous friend (and Ex-Trainee) of Switchback, Rob Clift – Fabulous friend of Switchback

At Switchback, we don’t just move mountains…. We conquer them! GO, team Switchback!!

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