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Tyrell on Times Radio: “A lot of people find themselves slipping back so easily.”

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Last week, recent Switchback Trainee Tyrell spoke on Times Radio about the challenges of release and the need for support.

Tyrell spoke live to Matt Chorley about the realities of release, and the support people need when returning to society. Listen to his powerful interview here:

When Tyrell left prison in August, he was determined to never come back. However, he was surprised to find out how little support there was for people on release.

When I left the gate, I found out I was just by myself. It was a stressful experience, if I’m honest… They just leave you to your own devices. A lot of people will find themselves slipping back so easily.

Without a smartphone, he was unable to contact anyone or look up directions to his hostel. It was only thanks to his support worker letting him use a phone that he was able to contact probation and avoid being recalled into prison. He previously described this experience in a short video which you can watch here.

Tyrell started working with Switchback soon after release. Together with his Switchback Mentor, he identified his goals and made a plan to achieve them. Today, Tyrell is working towards a career in fitness and wants to use his experience to raise awareness of the challenges facing people after prison.

Listen back to the full show with Tyrell, also featuring former Justice Secretary Robert Buckland, Paula Harriott from the Prison Reform Trust and campaigner David Breakspear, on Times Radio here.

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