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It has now been FIVE YEARS since Switchback started working in partnership with the Crisis Skylight Café. In that time, 86 Trainees have been through the doors of this beautiful, bright training café!

Each Switchback Trainee goes on a unique journey after his release from prison. However, for every one of them, that journey starts with the warm welcome of one of Eki’s famous coffees and a look around the kitchen just one day after their release. The secret of the success of our relationship with the Skylight Café is in their flexibility; they understand that Trainees need to get started in a positive routine as soon as possible. No time for any slippery slopes. And the café staff know that each Trainee will move forward at their own pace….some speeding into paid work quite quickly and some spending longer becoming stable in other areas of their lives alongside the routine of shifts in the café.

The Skylight Café is a lively sunny space and the friendly welcome the Trainees receive is extended to everyone – so make sure you head down to sample some of the food next time you are near Spitalfields!

Our thanks to Jo, Alana, Eki, Nancy and Ross and the whole Skylight Café team for their commitment to the future of Switchback Trainees.


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